5 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

5 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

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My name’s Luke, and I’m about to give you five excellent reasons why you need a personal trainer!

Having many years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, I’ve done everything from teaching diabetic prevention for the NHS to working in both corporate and commercial gyms, not to mention running my own business, so believe me, I’ve seen it all – good and bad!
5 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer
In the following five sections, I’m going to give you some essential information on how a personal trainer could improve your life, but first, let’s try and understand just how you could benefit from having a PT in your corner.

When it comes to getting fit, we must first accept that we live in the real world and not an ideal one. Time will likely be your most significant obstacle to achieving your fitness goals, and we would have plenty spare in a perfect world. However, in today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find the time and motivation to work out regularly, if at all, but trust me when I say that working out regularly is not only good for your health, it’s crucial, both physically and mentally.

The trouble today is, with so many different kinds of workouts readily available – online, in magazines and even on social media, it can be tough to know which one is right for your needs and lifestyle. For example, hiring a personal trainer could be the answer you’ve been searching for if you’re looking for a more high-intensity workout but don’t know where to start.

A good personal trainer will become your mentor, educator and even a good friend along the way. They will motivate and inspire you, helping you develop an effective exercise plan that meets your specific needs and goals. So, with all that being said, let’s dive into my five reasons why you should hire a personal trainer!

5 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

Common Reasons to You Need a Personal Trainer

1. You’ll have a built-in cheerleader.

Whether you have a fitness goal or not, going to the gym or doing a home workout alone can feel isolating and difficult. Let’s face it, when working out alone, does anyone know you missed that last rep or finished your training 10 minutes early? The answer is no! It’s human nature to take shortcuts when starting your fitness journey, and I believe lack of knowledge is the driving factor.

Let me give you a quick example… a guy joins his local gym. He walks in, hustles quickly past the cardio section and straight to the weights area (because who needs a warmup anyway, right!) After lifting the heaviest dumbbells, he can find and nigh on killing himself in the process, he then spends his remaining time perfecting that all-important Instagram post!! Sadly, any PT reading this will tell you this is an all too familiar sight.

The root causes for this are; no cheerleader, no educator, no mentor, and no clear guidance on right and wrong. However, if you hire a personal trainer, you’ll have a cheerleader and support system to help get you through your workouts, as challenging as they may seem. A personal trainer will help keep you motivated throughout your sessions and give you a supportive environment to grow and challenge yourself. You can even choose to work out in a group setting or with a partner or friend, which can help keep you more focused on the task.

5 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

2. You’ll have an expert to hold you accountable.

Personal trainers are experts in their field and will help hold you accountable for your goals and exercise regime.

Let’s say you plan to lose 5kg. Going it alone is, of course, possible. However, if you are unsure what to do, it would be like looking at a map with only a start and finish point – it’s the planning of the journey itself where a personal trainer steps in to help. From my experience with clients, it’s usually a simple process of deciding what time frame you want to work to and how much you can dedicate to achieving your goal.

There’s a good reason why most people who join the gym or start a home exercise regime in January have already quit by March. No, it’s not laziness. It’s not even our old friend time, and it’s confusion and self-doubt: “Am I doing it right?”, “Is this the correct exercise for what I’m trying to achieve?”.

Personal trainers have dealt with different skill levels and likely know exactly what you’re going through. Because of this, they can create an effective exercise plan that meets your specific needs. An excellent example of this would be a personal trainer recommending you begin at a lower intensity if you’re starting or have an injury you’re recovering from.

5 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

3. You’ll more likely reach your fitness goals.

You should hire a personal trainer because they can help you reach your fitness goals. Don’t get me wrong, even with the best PT in the world, the responsibility of getting fit still lies with you! But, be in no doubt, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or be more active, hiring a personal trainer can certainly help you get there and often in a fraction of the time.

By working alongside a personal trainer on your fitness journey, they will help you create an effective exercise regime and provide you with nutritional advice and meal plans that meet your specific needs.

I’d highly recommend finding a personal trainer with a good understanding of nutrition or, like myself, is qualified in advanced nutrition for physical performance. For example, a personal trainer can help you find a nutrition plan that works with your lifestyle if you have specific dietary restrictions.

When it comes to your food intake, starting with your end goal, a personal trainer will give you an approach to follow, look at macronutrients, and finally finish up with a meal plan. Unless educated in this field, the effects of food on the body can be tricky to understand on your own!

5 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

4. You’ll learn effective exercising habits.

Want to develop safe and effective exercising habits? Get a PT! For example, if you go running every other day, your knees will probably start to hurt. However, a personal trainer can help you prevent this by advising you on how often and long you should work out. You can be doing an exercise just slightly wrong for a very long time and never really get any benefit from it; a squat where your knees travel over your toes, a bicep curl where the primary muscle group you use is your back, a shoulder press overly reliant on your legs, the list is endless.

A PT will also help you identify any weak muscles or areas you need to work on, which can help prevent injuries in the future. With around 1 in 6 of us in the UK affected by back issues, you can see how vital it is that we at least know the fundamentals of exercise, and as any PT will tell you, FORM IS KING! So, in summary, a personal trainer will help you prevent taking unnecessary risks by making sure every move you make is the correct one!

5 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

5. Your workouts will be more time efficient.

Working with a personal trainer can help you get the most out of your workouts and make them more time efficient.

I know from my own experience of training and working with many clients over the years you need to understand how to get the most out of the limited amount of time you have when you exercise.

For example, someone new to exercise may plan roughly what they want to do in their one-hour session, with little structure or thought – they want to exercise for the sake of exercising!

Compare this to working with a PT, where that hour will be completely tailored to their individual needs. Moreover, they will look at how that hour is broken down into smaller sections to accommodate the correct order in which the exercises should be performed to maximise results.

If they’re trying to build muscle, improve their cardio or even train for an event, a personal trainer can help create a tried and tested effective time routine.

You don’t need to work out any longer than 60 minutes to be in great shape; you need to be effective and make sure what you are doing is a good use of your real-world time!


Finally, I’m going to share my thoughts with you on the current fitness industry as a whole, what you’ll need to look for in a good PT and most likely what that PT will expect from you in return.

Starting with the fitness industry, supplement companies, gyms, online influencers and the like, we often see this: “You want to have the body of your dreams in just two weeks? Drink this diet shake twice a day”! Yes, this is an actual headline from a well-known magazine, and yes, I’m guessing people also purchased that diet shake! The fitness industry will always sell you the next latest, greatest fad if you let it. But know this, there is no out training a bad diet!

There are no shortcuts and no easy way to get what you are after. If you want a good body, you must work hard for it – with or without a personal trainer! In my experience, your results will come from your contribution and ability to cope. When researching personal trainers, ensure you understand your goal precisely. I have always stressed the importance of goal setting to my client; it could be a simple weight goal or even something like improving your resting heart rate. It doesn’t matter what the goal is so much, only that you are moving towards it.

Your newly hired personal trainer will want to know what they are gearing the sessions towards, and goals are a great starting block. Finally, what will a personal trainer look for in you as a client? This, I’m sure, is all subjective, but for me, it’s someone who is trying their best and wants to improve on their previous session. It’s as simple as that!

I hope you’ve found my reasons you need a personal trainer helpful and made you think about all the positives you can gain from having a great PT in your corner.

Stay strong, my friends!

Until next time,


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luke davis

I am a highly motivated fitness professional who thrives on helping and supporting others to achieve their goals. I am a caring and committed trainer who is constantly enhancing and developing my knowledge in order to educate others. I enjoy learning about new approaches to fitness whilst maintaining my own key values and beliefs. My love of fitness and sport is not just a job, it is also a big part of my personal life, from CrossFit to MMA to running and swimming, I stay as active as I can to motivate the people I train.

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