8 Unorthodox Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

8 Unorthodox Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

Best Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

Life can seem more challenging when you face mental health issues. And many people do: more than 4 million of UK adults live with a mental health problem. 

The root of mental illness could be anything, from grief or genetics to childhood trauma, unhealthy habits, and even brain chemistry. However, a positive mindset is crucial no matter your circumstances. 

To help you get started on the road to better mental health, explore these ideas, courtesy of Full Life.

1. Learn Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art with superb mental health benefits. It’s a gentle form of exercise that can lower your blood pressure, help you reduce stress, improve your balance and flexibility, and best of all, it’s something you can practice throughout life.  Although it’s possible to teach yourself tai chi, consider taking classes to ensure you follow proper form and avoid injury. Find a nearby qualified instructor to help you get started.

2. Work from Home 

Work-related stress is very common. In fact, Picked reports that nearly half of all British employees are close to burnout at work. While there are many factors that contribute to burnout, one way to reduce a wide range of triggers is to switch to remote work. Working from home allows you to eliminate your commute, improve your time management, and gives you more control over your schedule. It can even mean eating healthier.

If you currently don’t have a remote work option, negotiate with your supervisor. Highlight the benefits to your company, such as improved productivity and efficiency, and be prepared to negotiate. Perhaps a trial period would help convince your boss, or start with just a few days each week. In the end, both parties can benefit from the setup.

3. Go Forest Bathing 

Forest bathing is a Japanese relaxation practice. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to Japan for forest bathing. Beautiful nature is all you’ll need to begin, and as Country Living points out, there are plenty of places right in the UK where you can soak up green space. 

4. Start Dancing 

Dancing is an excellent way to boost your mental health. There are various types of dances you can try. For example, you can find confidence, grace, creativity, and health by signing up for a belly dancing class!

5. Create a Reading Nook

Curling up with a good book can be a great way to relax and destress, and it’s easier to do in your own reading nook. For best results choose a good book, a comfortable chair, and some good lighting. Then you can let your cares melt away as you get lost in the pages.

6. Start Cooking 

Cooking is one of the most straightforward hobbies out there. It can take your mind off negativity, allow you to create excellent food for others, and boost your mental health. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to cook—you can take cooking classes in person or online.

7. Get Professional Help Virtually

While in-person talk therapy is a common treatment for some mental health issues, virtual therapy is another option to consider. Virtual therapy via a telemedicine platform can be highly convenient and often cheaper than in-person options. Plus, you can meet from the comfort and privacy of your home. Consider trying a virtual means of finding relief.

8. Clean Your Home 

Is your home as neat as a pin, or does it more closely resemble Tornado Alley? Do you have things you could recycle? If so, cleaning your home will go a long way to improving your mental health. It can also give you the chance to remodel your living area to include more light, space, and comfort. 

Start Your Journey Today 

There are several simple, straightforward ways to boost your mental health. Make small changes like cleaning your home or doing more cooking, or make a somewhat bigger jump by requesting opportunities to work from home. The important thing is to make progress in your mental health journey, starting now. And wherever you decide to begin, remember, you’re worth it!

Picture of Jackie Cortez

Jackie Cortez

Jackie Cortez works with The Prevention Coalition to find resources on every aspect of addiction, including recovery. She believes that every child and young adult deserves the opportunity to make a fully educated decision on drug use. The Prevention Coalition was founded by a group of retired school counselors and therapists to provide an accessible drug use and abuse prevention resource for parents, teachers, counselors and other concerned adults.

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