Egypt by Natalia Bartczak

Egypt, Pyramids of Giza


Egypt is another fascinating idea for holidays.

The country has many to offer ancient architecture, rich culture, and unique landscapes.

In this article, I will be presenting Egypt. I traveled to Egypt in the past and was inspired by its culture, heritage, and landscapes. This was a very meaningful that I will remember for a long time knowing that the country is home to the only remaining ancient wonder in the world.

Places to visit:

Things to do:

 Must try Egyptian delicates

Egypt by Natalia Bartczak - 18/05/2024



Egypt by Natalia Bartczak - 18/05/2024


Egypt by Natalia Bartczak - 18/05/2024


Egypt by Natalia Bartczak - 18/05/2024


 Om Ali = Ali’s mother the national dessert of Egypt

  • Egyptian massage (also called Cleopatra massages) is only available to females in Egypt. The goal of the massage is to reduce tension and stress and bring harmony to the body. It also helps in improving skin condition.
  • Moroccan massage is one-of-a-kind and is an opportunity to get to know the culture. Scalp massage is also included. The massage is focused on the body and uses Rhassoul Clay and Argan Oil which is also known as ‘liquid gold’.
  • Try exotic fruits.

    Prickly Pears: July-August:

    Guava. Season: all year.

    Mango: July-November.

    Rockmelon: April-May, October-November.

    Grapes: May-September.

Five facts about Egypt:

  1. Egypt is home to 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  2. Ancient Egyptians believed in Gods and Goddesses. They were seen as the creators of life and had control over people and order rules. Egyptians also believed that God helped and supported them.
  3. Most Egyptian traditions and festivals trace their origin back to the time of pharaohs, and Islam. One of the Islamic traditions is ‘Ramadan’ (fast for a whole month), and Id al Fitr which comes immediately after Ramadan.
  4. The world’s oldest dress was found here, which was 5000 years old.
  5. The Egyptians invented the 365-day-a-year calendar.


  • Clean fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid drinking tap water.
  • Wash your hands before meals.


  • There is a risk of terrorism.
  • There are many areas that you cannot access because of safety.
  • Visit only tourist places.
  • Avoid unknown routes.
  • Follow safety rules at the destination.
  • Follow accommodation/hotels/resorts guidelines.


Places to visit:

5 facts about Egypt:

Things to do:

Try exotic fruits:

Egyptian delicate:










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