oDesk Tips to Start a Freelancing Career

oDesk Tips to Start a Freelancing Career

oDesk is a website that allows employers to post job postings and freelance offers and job postings. These oDesk tips will help you start a successful freelance career with oDesk.

There are many benefits to being a freelancer. You can scale up and down when you want to work and when you want to work. You can choose to take a break at any time. You can choose to do only the homework that you like. This freedom is unheard of in traditional jobs, which explains why more and more people are choosing the freelance path. In addition to all these benefits, freelancing is a great way to make money online with a side job. Freelancing is also a great entry into a niche where you don’t have a degree or qualification.

oDesk Tips to Start a Freelancing Career

oDesk is one of the largest sites that brings employers and freelancers together under one roof. Employers post their projects and freelancers bid on them. Every freelancer has a profile page where they can list their resume, job portfolio and experience. Freelancers also have a feedback score, the higher the better.

Whether you’re just getting started with freelancing or learning the ropes, the following oDesk tips will get you started.

Some oDesk tips:

oDesk Tip 1: Create a complete profile with your photos

oDesk gives every freelancer a place to showcase their skills. You should use this space wisely and answer all questions asked. This shows that you are serious and that your impression of potential employers is professional. Adding a photo is also highly recommended as employers have more confidence in profiles with photos. It’s easy to fake a profile online, and a photo shows you’re serious. It is also important to have work samples and portfolios handy as many of oDesk’s employers require this.

oDesk Tip 2: Take a skill test

This is especially useful for newcomers to oDesk. Newcomers don’t have much previous experience on their profile and their feedback is zero. Potential employers don’t know if they can get a job. For this, oDesk offers various skill tests for employees. This helps employers understand the quality of their employees. In the absence of verified feedback from oDesk, skills testing is the best way to set yourself apart and grab the attention of employers.

oDesk Tip 3: Customize your cover letter

This is a common beginner mistake: Have a general cover letter for all jobs and use it everywhere. Employers posting jobs have seen hundreds or thousands of cover letters during their time with oDesk, and they can easily delete those with generic cover letters. Here’s a trick I use – never copy and paste anything, not even your intro. Write your cover letter from scratch and revolve your introduction and skills around the job requirements. That way you sound very genuine and employers know you took the time to research the vacancy.

Getting started with oDesk freelancing for a stable online income is not difficult if you follow the right approach.

6 Freelance Tips To Earn More Money Than Other Freelancers

Tips for Freelancers Who Want to Be Successful

Freelancing has a lot of advantages. You can work whenever and wherever you choose. More than 50 million people in the United States are said to be earning a living as freelancers, according to some estimates. You can sell your abilities online using the best freelancing websites if you have the ability to do so, so long as you have a computer and an Internet connection.

You can’t expect to be a successful freelancer right away. It’s still possible for some freelancers to earn less than they should. Even if they are more talented than the majority of people earning more money than they are, they are unable to find work on even the most reputable freelance websites. I am here to assist anybody that are in this situation.

In the following paragraphs, I’m going to share with you six freelance techniques that will help you earn more money than other freelancers and reach your full potential.

Always ask for a deposit:

One of the most important freelancer advices.. One of the most common reasons why many freelancers fail to earn a large amount of money despite their best efforts and the right talents for the project is a lack of or delayed payment from the customer. Always ask for a down payment and full payment after showing the client a mockup of what the final product will look like. You can be sure that your bills will be paid on time if you use this strategy. Additionally, you can create a contract or agreement for your customer to fill out and then sign before you begin working with him or her. Prior to beginning any work, you might include a percentage of the entire sum as a down payment in this contract.

In order to build your reputation, it is important to say “no.”

In most freelancing platforms, reviews of individual freelancers dominate. If you’re a potential client, you can check online reviews and only work with people that have a solid track record. It’s critical to pay attention to customer feedback and endorsements. If you have the majority of negative evaluations, no one wants to work with you. Why? Because that’s where you’ll find the most clients and work as a freelancer.

Saying ‘No’ is the most effective method to establish your credibility. Saying ‘No’ is an essential skill for the self-employed. When it comes to design, there are some things that you can’t even begin to imagine a solution for. In order to build your reputation, you must decline those opportunities. You’ll be able to focus on what you do best, and you’ll be rewarded with high marks for your efforts.

Freelancing is all you need to focus on:

This is critical to the success of any freelancer. I know a lot of people who supplement their income by working as freelancers. As a result, they grumble about being underpaid when they work as freelancers. It’s important to note that even while freelancing can be a handy business, it still takes a person’s whole attention.

You can’t be a successful freelancer if you don’t pay attention to this. Without it, you’ll always have a hard time finding clients and making money from freelancing. The process of freelancing is akin to starting a business. As a freelancer, you are the firm and your name is your identity. Brand personality is an important part of your overall image. If you don’t have one, your clients won’t want to do business with you because they see a lack of commitment to your services or a lack of concentration from you.

Don’t be Shy:

In the past, people used to butter their clients with pleasant words in order to gain their trust. But now that they’ve dealt with a variety of people, the clients themselves have gained an understanding of whether or not the person they’re about to hire is open and honest with them.

So it’s best to be available to the customer right away. Don’t put him under any pressure that you can’t meet. If you can’t deliver the task on time, don’t accept the project because your reputation and earnings will suffer if your client gives you a positive rating for not meeting the deadline.

5. Don’t Give Up:

To be a successful freelancer, there is no short way. Many independent contractors make the blunder of creating meaningless standards. They set a benchmark for their clients and refuse to work with anyone who does not meet that standard. Even if you do well as a freelancer, you must avoid this pitfall. Regardless of the nature or level of the work, you must continue to work. Design even for those customers who can only afford to offer you $10 if you are an artist. You should, however, adjust the quality of your job in accordance with the fee you receive.

Work hard to get what you want:

We all know that money is important, and it is also the driving force behind those of us who work as freelancers. Early in your career, you should be cautious and focus on building your reputation rather than immediately seeking financial gain. There is a chance that you will start getting it if you go for the cash, but this is not likely to last long. Choosing your reputation before money will ensure that you will continue to receive business from clients indefinitely.

Client satisfaction is the only method to create trust in the early stages of a relationship. What the client is willing to pay you doesn’t make a difference. Cut the deal as close to the bone and work up a sweat until you win his approval. Do your best to charge him or her the rate that makes you happy, and then do everything you can to make him or her happy in a single effort by delivering flawless work, so that he or she will keep coming back.


These freelancing recommendations will be highly helpful if a freelancer follows them regularly in each of his given assignments on freelance websites. Success as a freelancer takes time and effort, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of both.

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