Resume Tips – Freelancers Need a Resume, Even If You Are Working

The Cost Of Freelance Copywriting, Resume Tips - Freelancers Need a Resume, Even If You Are Working

Even seasoned freelancers (hopefully) know this by now, but newcomers to the field often forget to keep their resumes up to date. A resume is more important for freelancers than for most workers.

You may have had a stellar resume when you left your regular job and embarked on the self-employment path. It was ready to help you find a job, as it was complete and up to date.

Perhaps you didn’t even have a resume at all. Because the company already knew you, they didn’t require a resume from you when you started working there. In time, you became used to doing most of your work for them, with a few exceptions.

Afterwards, however, something else occurred. Your primary employer no longer hires you as frequently. It’s possible that their business has dwindled or that they’ve found someone else they prefer. As a result, you utilise your network of professional contacts to begin your search for new employment opportunities. When you call, what is the first thing they ask you when you pick up the phone? They ask for a copy of your résumé.

“While it may not be current, I have worked in this industry for more than 20 years. The company I used to work for is well-known to you. Before they went out of business, I worked for that company, and it was a good job.”


However, the firm you’re speaking with is unfamiliar with your name. Your name may be familiar, but they’d like to learn more. Now is the moment to make a good first impression with a well-written, current CV. In order to keep your resume current, you should update it on a regular basis, and definitely after any important project.

The projects you’ve worked on should be listed on your CV, as well as the tasks you performed on those projects. If you don’t provide information, the reader will be left with a question in their mind. The less inquiries you receive, the better.

Resume Tips for Freelancers

Freelancers want a CV that is both persuasive and educational. Get a head start on impressing the organisations you want to work with by having one on hand to send out when requested!

Boost Your Earnings as a Freelancer with These 3 Marketing Strategies

There are several advantages to working as a freelancer, including a steady income and a wide range of freedoms. There are several advantages to working as a freelancer over a salaried employee, including the ability to choose your own schedule and work on different projects at any time.

Various people are eager to join the ranks of freelancers because of the many perks. Some individuals are reluctant to join forces with so many others because of a tumultuous economy, diminishing marketing funds, and an uncertain society that places more importance on stability than risk.

Fortunately, these folks just need to learn how to properly advertise themselves. Many people will experience a stable lifestyle that allows them to accomplish the things they want to do if they properly promote themselves and spread the word about their services. As a result of this, here are some of the best ways to make your services known.

Are you using all of your social media outlets to their greatest potential? If your social media platforms aren’t working properly, you’re losing money. Word of mouth is a common method for recommending freelancers. Word-of-mouth marketing is easier to adopt using social media, and it’s also easier to track customer feedback.

It is important to ensure that your website is appropriately optimised for search engine results. Your firm will rise to the top of search engine results if you have a well-optimized website. People are more likely to click on the first few results in a search engine because they are considered to be the most reliable. This benefit is especially important if you want to have a strong online presence and establish a respectable and trustworthy brand at the same time.

Make sure to include direct mail in your marketing strategy. Creating and printing a postcard is as simple as designing it and doing so. Many printers provide direct mailing services that include recipient lists that may be customised based on demographics, such as firm size, title, and so on.

It is possible for freelancers to establish a brand that not only symbolises their image, but also helps them to interact with the appropriate individuals in order to get new business. As a freelancer, it is your ability to generate new clients that will decide your long-term success. Take action and find out what you can accomplish. You never know, it could be easier than you think to obtain your next job.

Melanie Turner is a Columbia University Business School student. She’s also a Deloitte Consulting Researcher, where she collaborates with Fortune 500 marketing teams. Melanie, a rising marketing specialist, seeks to help small businesses with her ideas and resources.

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