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The perfect place to visit with group/solo.

The destination of culture, music, and food.

The largest empires in the ancient world. online magazine shared that the most visited place in Rome is Pantheon.

What is Pantheon?

A temple dedicated to the twelve Gods and to the living Sovran (a person exercising supreme authority eg. monarch). Pantheon is the only ancient building that has remained in the same condition through the centuries. It has become the burial place for monarchs (including both kings of Italy), poets, and Renaissance characters, such as painter Raphael and architect Baldassare Peruzzi.

Why visit it?

Until the 20th century, the Roman building was known as the largest concrete structure in the world. The building is known as one of the city’s most spectacular sights and one of the oldest and most recognized monuments in all of Italy.

Rome – Some Ideas & Places - 18/05/2024Rome – Some Ideas & Places - 18/05/2024Rome – Some Ideas & Places - 18/05/2024

What are other places to visit around the Pantheon?

  1. Trevi Fountain.
  2. Piazza Navona.
  3. Spanish Steps.
  4. Trastevere.
  5. The Vatican.
  6. Colosseum.
  7. Campo de Fiori.
  8. Termini.
  9. Jewish Ghetto.


Restaurants to visit near to Pantheon (TripAdvisor, 2023):

  1. Pizzeria Minerva.
  2. Appetito Pizzeria Gourmet.
  3. Ristorante M. Agrippa.
  4. Bistrot Tabaccheria Di Rienzo al Pantheon.
  5. Il Barroccio.


Italian fountains you must to see (TripAdvisor, 20023):

  1. Trevi Fountain.
  2. Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi.
  3. Fontana della Vergogna (Fontana Pretoria).
  1. Fontana del Nettuno.

  2. Fountain of Neptune.


    Is it worth getting a guide in Rome?

    Yes, if you like to get to know all in-depth information. A private guide might be helpful, because can unfold and go into detail of the history of Rome. The guide could also help to slot the various aspects and show hidden treasures of the city.

    What to wear in Rome

    What to wear for Spring?

  • Light coat, for example, waterproof or denim/leather jacket.
  • Trousers.
  • Dresses.
  • Sports shoes. Heels if you go out in the evening.
  • Bag pack and small crossbody bag.

What to wear for Summer?

  • Short-sleeved tops made of natural materials.
  • Summer shorts, skirts/dresses.
  • Sandals.
  • Sun hat.
  • Sunglasses.

What to wear for Autumn?

  • Sweaters.
  • Trousers.
  • Dress/ skirt with a light coat.
  • Light coat.
  • Sports shoes/ booties for long walking. Heels if you go out in the evening.

What to wear for Winter?

  • Faux furs.
  • Knee-high boots.
  • Sweaters.
  • Long coats and blazers.

Also, here are some activity ideas for you while you are in Rome:

  1. Rent a bike.


  2. Sign up for organised trips:
  3. Take a night tour. Link:
  4. Food tasting with a guide. Link:

My recommendations:

  1. Visit the destination in springtime.
  2. Visit museums on the first Sunday of the month, they are free.
  3. Watch your belongings due to the high frequency of robbery.
  4. Always wear comfortable shoes. I would recommend not wearing high heels. Only take them if you need to.
  5. Always carry cash.
  6. Double check that public places are open.
  1. Rome – Some Ideas & Places - 18/05/2024You can use water from public water fountain which is called nasoni (find a picture below to see map with fountains).



What is Pantheon.

Why visit it.

What are other places to visit around Rome.

Restaurants to visit near to Pantheon.

Fountains you must to see.

Is it worth getting a guide.

What to wear for Spring.

What to wear for Summer.

What to wear for Autumn.

What to wear for Winter.




On the left:

On the right:

Map with fountains:


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