The Best Way To Work With Freelance Copywriters

The Best Way To Work With Freelance Copywriters

If you have an important project that requires the services of a professional writer, you may decide to hire a freelance writer. This may be a very wise decision for you. Professional freelance writers have the skills you need to make your content writing project a success. The process of working with a freelancer is a bit different than working with an advertising agency. Here are some typical steps for working with a freelance writer.

It all started with a kickoff meeting.

You start by meeting freelance writers. It’s usually a pretty laid-back meeting. It gives you the opportunity to meet freelancers and establish a working relationship. You will find that most copywriters will ask a lot of questions about your writing needs. This is a good thing. Professional copywriters want to learn as many facts about your project as possible. By knowing the facts, they will be equipped to complete your project successfully.

The following is the proposal

After your first meeting with a freelance writer, you may receive a proposal. This is where the copywriter sees all the details he or she knows about your project. This is your chance with the writer to make sure you agree on what your project needs. Make the most of your proposal time and make sure you both understand the objectives of the project.


The next step is when the copywriter gets back to you to price the project. Every copywriter has a different way of arriving at a realistic price for a project. Make sure all the work you want done is included in the price negotiation.


After you reach a price agreement, you will be given a contract to sign. Make sure all the services you agree to are in the contract. After signing the contract, you are legally obliged to pay the copywriter according to the terms of the contract, and the copywriter is of course obliged to provide the promised services. Make sure you have checked all the details and that the contract is correct before signing.

These are the initial stages of a freelance writer project. If you are considering hiring a freelancer for your project, make sure you are familiar with these steps.

The Real Truth About Being a Freelance Copywriters

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of ads about the easy life of a freelance writer. They tell you to imagine writing on a beach somewhere, drinking in one hand and holding a laptop in the other, serving countless customers. They tell you that as a freelance writer, you can easily make six figures a year (seems like a magic number) writing for various businesses from the comfort of your own home.

Well, I’ve been part of it for the past two years and I’m going to reveal what it’s really like to be a freelance writer just starting out. This is just my opinion and may not reflect your own experience.

Fact #1 – You probably won’t get six grades in your freshman year. If you don’t hit six figures in your first year, but most freelance writers don’t even come close, the company’s main cast will do their best to make you feel like you’re not right for it. We’ve spent money on training and coaching packages to make this six-figure guru rich. Don’t give up your day job and make sure you save enough money until you decide to work full time.

Building a customer base takes time, and even if you’re aggressive and well-connected, it still takes time to build credibility, get work done, market yourself, social media “do” and build your own blog or newsletter. Before taking your laptop to the beach or pool, do your homework and make a schedule to become a full-time freelance writer.

Truth #2 – High prices make your customers respect you. The point is you may have to take a Sharpie to a cardboard board and write it down, I’ll work on it for almost free at first. On the other hand, “they”, the leading freelance writers who continue to brag about their six figures, will tell you not to work by specs or give up your services. The truth is, you may have to give away some “freebies” in the beginning to build your portfolio and credibility.

Be strategic about this – you can’t spend all your time giving up all your time – but if you want testimonials and work samples to show your real prospects, do some unpaid work here and there. It pays off in the long run, and it’s just a way to pay for the good things others have done for you in the process.

Fact #3 – Confidence will get you through tough times. fraud. Sometimes sheer willpower, determination and real courage are the only tools in your toolbox. Sometimes your confidence as a freelance writer rises when your clients compliment your work and rave about the great work you do. Other days you want to hide under a blanket and wonder why you did this. The voice will say, maybe you have no talent. Maybe you’re kidding yourself. Maybe you should go for a regular j-o-b.

Trust me, there will be days like this, but as you complete more projects that make customers happy, the days of secrecy will diminish. Over time, you’ll realize that customers who are dissatisfied with your work doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It just means that you have to go in a different direction for that customer. Even with my customer questionnaire, some customers don’t know what they’re trying to say until you say it to them based on their answers and they realize it’s not what they wanted to say at all.

Fact #4 – Copywriting superheroes can write anything, anywhere, for anyone. We admire them and envy the income they tell us, and we think they can jump over tall buildings in one go. Unfortunately, the truth is that they are only human, and they don’t always please all customers. They make pricing mistakes, customer service mistakes, and typos. I ordered a book from a major freelance writing company and it was so full of errors that I couldn’t even finish it.

I sent it back and asked for a refund. Top freelance writers brag about high fees for noble clients – not the case for freelance writers just starting out. You’ll need to build and hone your skill level, and you may even want to invest in some coaching before getting a hefty fee.

Fact #5 – Develop a niche. While this is true as you progress and your business matures, you will want to start out as a generalist. This is actually an advantage for freelance writers who are just starting out as it can help you get into many different industries. You will find yourself afraid to do projects on topics that you think are boring, while energized by exciting topics and industry

The truth about being a freelance writer, start your dream today. When starting a new startup business, it is essential to have a solid vision for what you want to achieve… however, grand visions can be damaging and often unrealistic.

Keep your feet on the ground, stick your head out of the clouds and write down the three most important tasks each day that will get you closer to your goal. Six figures may be your future, but find a customer today as your goal.

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